Business Crisis: when time & timing become money

How do we solve the business crises with our clients?

Oftentimes, crisis resolution is about the time of intervention. We often see that the longer the solution drags the more severe the crisis becomes.

We partner with insolvency practitioners, other accountants, and solicitors to resolve crises. However, our ultimate objectives are to avoid insolvency and to restart a new season of growth for our clients.

However, time becomes money with the crises.

If we are able to intervene well in time, all we need to do is a new business plan to establish a new strategy.

If the crisis is not handled in time, a simple business plan then becomes restructuring, then recovery, rescue until the business can no longer function normally.

It is at this point that we may still be in a position to rescue the business with voluntary arrangements. We are successful in 85% of the cases and crisis resolution is indeed what makes us proud of our profession.

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