Does This Picture Sound Like Your Business?

So why does this happen when you try to scale up your business?

The answer is quite simple yet this happens frequently enough to establish a discussion with our potential clients.

We often say that there are two roles played by finance in business.

Role 1) keeping the score. This role is relatively simple to achieve and it is usually performed by a book-keeper/chartered accountant. He/she will calculate tax and will comply with the law

Role 2) facilitate wealth creation. This is where we seek to modify the picture below and match rising sales with rising cash flows. The bookkeeper is not designed to do this for you.

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Growth Business: Sales are up. Cash flow is down.

The chart above describes the typical growing business story.

Your sales are rising but your profits are not rising at the same pace.

And it may get even worse : Cash flow is falling.

This is far from unusual and it is actually a story we keep seeing every day in the majority of businesses we visit. There is a scientific reason why rising sales are very rarely converted into rising cash flow and this is to do with financial discipline required to grow your business.

Our packages at Taras Services Ltd include funding for growth, ongoing financial support, business plans, tax planning, relationship managements with banks, investors & other stakeholders.

At Morgan Corporate we partner with businesses in any cycle and, thanks to our extensive network in financial services, we have identified 5 tailor-made products:

  • Business plans for investments
  • Growth & funding
  • Crisis & insolvency
  • Exit for sale
  • Transformation

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