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According to the World Bank, the UK is the easiest place to set up and run a business in Europe. If you’re thinking about starting a business in Central London, then here are some of the key factors that you may want to consider. As with most things, location is a key factor and it can make or break many businesses. Central London is an excellent location and it can help you to increase your reputation considerably.

In addition, a London business address can add a degree of prestige to your company’s profile. Your business will be shoulder to shoulder with some of the world’s top companies headquarters and you will only benefit from this being in such good company. Receiving clients in your office creates an excellent first impression with your neighbour. It will tell them that you’re a serious business with long-term prospects.

In addition, all around the world, governments are spending time and money to figure out the best way to attract the attention of entrepreneurs. New start-ups are a great way to stimulate the economy because they are seen as innovative and exciting, create new jobs and are in a unique position to generate real value just from an idea.

The British Government has a strong belief in growing the start-up ecosystem, in fact, every year in the annual financial budget there are funds reserved for this mission.

We do offer services related to incorporate a company, such as:

  • National Insurance Number issuing service for all the shareholders
  • Tax Resident certificate for all the shareholders
  • UK resident Nominee Shareholder
  • UK Resident Director Nominee
  • Non-UK Resident Shareholder Nominee
  • Non-UK Resident Director Nominee
  • Business Plan Service – which can support the business bank account opening in the UK and the access to funds from local and national entities that support new businesses.
  • CIS – Construction Industry Scheme Registration.

The best way to start your new endeavor is to contact us. All our services will be described to you during our initial conversation.

Due Diligence Documentation

Company Due Diligence and Anti-Money Laundering documentation

In the UK, the law establishes that the directors of companies for third parties and trustees, as well as banks, construction companies and other subjects operating in the financial and legal fields, obtain proof of the identity of their clients. The reason is that professionals who manage assets on behalf of their clients can easily be used by criminals in order to launder money of illicit origin.

Therefore we are obliged to observe the anti-money laundering regulations and, in particular, to verify the identity and domicile of all new customers (both natural and legal persons).

As a result, you will be asked to provide us with a copy of all the company’s chain of directors of one of the documents listed in category 1 below, a copy of one of the documents in category 2 and all the documents listed in category 3.

Needed documentation

Category 1 – Identity verification

  • Full passport, signed and valid;
  • Full UK / EU driving license and validity procedure;
  • Complete identity card, valid for abroad, signed and valid.

Category 2 – Proof of address

  • A bill (supply of the electricity, gas, water or landline) that is no older than 3 months; mobile phone bills are not acceptable;
  • Notice of renewal of the television licences;
  • Council Tax bill (provided it is not older than 3 months);
  • Notice of payment of tax;
    Statement of the loan not older than 1 year;
  • Credit card and/or bank account statements (provided they are not more than 3 months and show the current address).

Category 3 – References and Presentation

  • A letter of professional reference (Accountant, Lawyer, Notary, Engineer);
  • A Curriculum Vitae or LinkedIn profile.

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