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Strategy & Planning Post Brexit

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Strategy & Planning Activities Post Brexit

The British exit of the European Union is the most significant economic separation between major economies since the Second World War. All the process that is unfolding is not really clear yet, and it has no precedence.

Morgan Corporate has been helping clients prepare for the transition over the past two years enabling us to help clients navigate the politics, policy, and commercial implications of Brexit.

At Morgan, we use to tell our clients: “Don’t make any hasty move.”

Do you find yourself asking any of those questions?

  • European financial markets are dependent upon the cross-border activity, which is at risk from Brexit. What is going to happen and how to remedy it?
  • Banks. How they are coping with the hard Brexit?
  • How does Brexit impact all the industries’ supply chains?
  • MIFID II. What does it change, how does impact, and who?
  • How does Brexit affect trade and how does Brexit affect my business?
  • What are the preferential tariff rates following Brexit?
  • What are the Brexit trade deal rules of origin?
  • What’s an Authorised Economic Operator?
  • How do I import from the EU following Brexit?
  • How do I export to the EU following Brexit?
  • How is Northern Ireland different from the rest of the UK following Brexit?
  • How do I export goods to non-EU countries from the UK after Brexit?
  • Product certification and conformity marking after Brexit
  • Am I still be able to employ EU citizens after Brexit?
  • How does Brexit affect the GDPR?
  • How are the financial markets being affected by Brexit?

If yes, just get in contact with us.

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